The tooth fairy: A complete biography

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When my daughter lost one of her teeth, she was in a wave pool. She cried out of the pool, I thought something different might have happened to her. Even one of the lifeguards approached. In the middle of her crying I could understand that she had lost her tooth.

She was crying because she didn’t have any teeth to give to the Tooth Fairy. The very creative lifeguard told her that every night the Tooth Fairy came to pick up the teeth of the children who lost them in the pool.

In the night we went to leave her the money from the Tooth Fairy. We hadn’t looked for change, we had to place a $10 dollar bill. In the morning she was very happy with that generosity. We told her that in New Jersey the Fairy had a higher rate than in New York. Mom, she told me: “I want to lose all my teeth in New Jersey”.

Losing baby teeth is an experience that surprises all children. And that’s when the figure of the tooth fairy appears. She is one of the best-known characters in the stories parents tell their children.

tooth fairy kid losing teeth
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What does the tooth fairy look like? 

It doesn’t matter if everyone imagines how the tooth fairy looks very different, all the fairies share facts and truths that we will tell you in this comprehensive Biography of the Tooth Fairy.

When you think of the tooth fairy, do you have in mind an image that looks like this?

what does the tooth fairy look like


Or do you have a very different and recent picture like this with the Rock?

What huge differences! What happens is that this famous Fairy has been at the heart of our culture since childhood.

The story of the tooth fairy for children

The Tooth Fairy has only one mission in her life: to collect children’s teeth once they have fallen from under her pillow while they sleep. And leave them a small gift in its place. 

When the fairy began her task she was very young. At first, he did not know what his role in the world was. All fairies have a purpose and must use their magic for it, but the Tooth Fairy did not know what her role was. All he knew was that he liked to be with the children and that he would like to make them happy.

Finally, the older fairy helped the Tooth Fairy discover her true role, being close to the children as she would like. So every time a child dropped a tooth, it would have to be put under their pillow and the fairy would fly and become transparent to take that tooth and leave a small gift in its place.

With this small tooth, the Tooth Fairy would send it to heaven, where it would become a star. Each of the stars is then a perpetual memory of each child’s childhood that will last in the sky forever and, as they grow older and their adult teeth grow, the memory of their childhood is evident in the sky with those baby teeth converted into stars thanks to the Tooth Fairy.

What is the point of this children tale?

During children’s infancy, some moments become great memories and very special to them. Every event in their lives presents itself as new and they tend to live it with an illusion that adults may no longer have so latent. Besides, some of these new events can be surprising and unexpected.

One of them may be the fact that from the age of five or six their baby teeth start to fall out. Little by little, each one of these teeth will fall out to give way to the definitive teeth that will make room in your mouth. The first teeth to fall will be the front teeth and, progressively, the fangs will also fall and finally the molars.

Some children may feel pain or don’t understand the process of losing their teeth. Even sometimes when they bleed or notice that the tooth is hanging and does not finish falling, it can generate a little fear or doubt. Therefore, there are stories to get children used to this natural process that includes magic to make them believe that the fact that their teeth fall out has a purpose, beyond the fact that their adult teeth have to come out.

Original Story of the Tooth Fairy

How did the story of the tooth fairy appear?

As often happens in these things, there are truly terrible or even evil origins and others more “light”. Beginning with the evil story of the Fairy, it was said that in the Middle Ages you had to bury the tooth in the ground, not leave it under the pillow, otherwise the fairies would come and devour you alive, apart from other terrible consequences.

In fact, there is a theory that says that if the fairy saw that you had not put your tooth under a pillow, as the child was in bed, he could kidnap you! Really evil, do you agree?

But the most curious thing is that before you had to avoid at all costs that the fairies, or witches, or whatever, took the child’s tooth. If they took it they could take advantage of it to make a curse based on a child’s tooth. So what we had to do was bury the tooth, and not expose it under the pillow, as we do now.

Another line of research on this origin is calmer, and dates back to 1894 when a Jesuit named Luis Coloma was commissioned to tell a story to a boy at that time called Alfonso XIII who was about 8 years old at that time because his teeth were hurting because they were falling out, and in the story appeared the mouse Perez, and that’s where it has remained for later times.

How much does the tooth fairy give?

Delta Dental, the largest insurance company in the United States, began the famous annual tooth fairy survey in 1998. The idea was to know how much money parents gave their children in the name of the tooth fairy. In that first year, it was reported that on average a child received $1.30 for each teeth. The peak was in 2017 when the survey showed a value of $4.50. And how much does a child get these days for the tooth fairy? The current figure is $3.70, according to a sample that included 1058 families.

In the survey, the fairy gives children a higher value for their first tooth: $4.96. However, a high value makes it difficult for parents to maintain those expectations and meet them at the next tooth fairy visits. The fairy’s value then decreases with each new tooth.

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