How to protect your teeth from citric acid

citrics and teeth erosion

Citric acid can wear away your teeth. You can keep your tooth enamel strong, and prevent cavities with a few simple tips.

High levels of acid in everyday foods and drinks can cause tooth decay. We’re gonna learn a little bit about citric acid and erosion of your teeth, and how to protect your teeth.

Now, if you’ve seen any toothpaste ads recently, you’re probably aware that acid erosion is becoming a big problem for world health. And one of the main culprits of acid erosion is citric acid. It’s being found in citrus fruits, of course, but also is a very common food additive. It’s even present in some mouthwash is out there today.

How citric acid erode tooth enamel

Citric acid is harsh on your teeth for two big reasons. For one, it’s acidic, which means that it’s going to dissolve tooth enamel. Besides of being acidic, there’s a very strong affinity for calcium. It will bind and remove calcium directly out of your teeth. And also bind to calcium that’s found in your saliva and by binding the calcium that’s in the saliva surrounding your teeth. This means that your teeth are going to dissolve even more easily in acids.

Prevent enamel erosion

Well, this is a little concerning. If most of the day you’re taking very good care of your teeth, and you’re being friendly to your teeth, then the occasional citrus fruit isn’t going to do irreparable harm. But if you are going to be having citric acids in your diet, and you want to limit the impact of those acids, I recommend doing one or all of the following things.

Try to limit the number of citric fruits that you have during the course of a day. to, at the most, one citrus fruit. Eat these citrus fruits with yogurt, because the high calcium content in the yogurt is going to protect your teeth. And if you’re going to have some citrus beverages, trying to go ahead and have one of those that are fortified with calcium, for the same reasons as the yogurt.

Last but not least, try and do your best to avoid mouthwashes that contain citric acid as a preservative. Unless there is a significant amount of added calcium that isn’t in the form of calcium citrate. If you’re looking for some great recommendations of mouthwash, you should probably go back and take a look at one of our older posts. We have a great one where we reviewed the best mouthwashes. There’s a great mouthwash in there like Therabreath as well as the balancing rinse with baking soda that you could make it home. So keep your teeth protected against acids.


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