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Here Are The 7 Best Mouthwash For Bad Breath

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Mouthwash is simply a formulated oral hygiene solution that can help promote good oral health as long as you use it in conjunction with proper flossing, brushing and yearly dental visits. You should not use it to replace regular brushing and flossing. It can enhance the killing of bad breath causing germs when all the oral care process is combined together. The Best Mouthwash for bad breath will help reduce any symptoms of halitosis, provided you take the time to eliminate the other reasons why you might be suffering from bad breath.

Bad breath is a condition that afflict millions of people world-wide. Unfortunately some are not aware of the foul mouth odor, until a love one or good friend points out the obvious to their usual befuddlement. There are many steps to curing bad breath, but we’ll be focusing our attention on mouthwash brands, and how to look out for the best ones. In this mouthwash reviews article, we’ll look closely at some of the bold claims made by various brands, and see if they hold up to intense scrutiny and testing.

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Most common reasons for bad breath are: Most cases of bad breath can be traced to several sources, and some of them are listed below.Poor dieting. Contrary to what some people might think, food not only gives the body energy but it can also be the main cause for diseases, including bad breath. As you chew your food into tiny particles before swallowing, some of the tiny bits stay within your teeth and tongue.

You have open tiny spaces between your teeth, and those food particles will start to stink much quicker than you know it. This is even more so, if you eat right before bedtime. If you wake up to bad breath in the morning, it usually means you have some form of halitosis that might get worse if not treated right away.

Puffing away at your cigarettes or cigars or weed. All types of smoking can and will make your life miserable sooner than you know it. The perceived enjoyment from smoking weed or cigarettes is soon replaced with agony of poor health conditions, including bad breath.The best mouthwash would not be able to cure your bad breath condition, if you continue to smoke. It is not out intention to preach to you about lifestyle changes, but cases of bad breath would only get worse even with the best periodontal treatment.

Obesity or lack of physical activity. Truth be told, most obesity can be traced to too much food consumption. Have you ever run across anyone that got fat drinking too much water? You know the answer to that one! Obesity results because those tiny internal organs cannot process all the food we eat fast enough, on a daily basis.

When you add high fructose and sugary drinks, it’s only a question of time before all the excess fat shows up in your body parts. What you eat and drink eventually comes out of your pores, including your breath. If you have a case of bad breath, first try to reduce your weight by eating less. Try to partake in some form of physical activity on a daily basis.

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Here are some steps that can help reduce bad breath symptoms

Simply using or drinking mouthwash would not cure halitosis. Before we get to the main topic of the article, here are some proven steps that can help elevate or cure bad breath. The four simple steps could form the basis for the best bad breath solutions. Here are some home remedies for bad breath you can use to reduce the symptoms of halitosis:

Rinse daily with a mouthwash infused with chlorine dioxide. Try to gargle with the solution in your mouth before spitting it out. Many studies by leading medical journals has shown that chlorine dioxide is perfectly capable of neutralizing the smelly volatile sulfur compounds caused by oral bacteria.Tongue scrapper or cleaner. Your tongue is long, and when you scrape it, try to reach further into the mouth to get all the muck resting comfortably there. You need to scrape several times to get all the germs out of your tongue. You can see our best tongue scrapper review article for the top rated brands.

Flossing and brushing. Whenever you floss, you must also brush your teeth, they both go hand in hand. Also, brush your tongue to remove any remaining bacteria that can cause bad breath. You should also make it a habit to rinse with your mouthwash after brushing.

Unfortunately, some severe cases of halitosis or bad breath can be traced to some medical condition. Be sure to see a well qualified dentist, if your condition persist despite trying all the above steps.

Recommended Pro Mouthwash

There are mouthwashes more effective than those we’ve traditionally bought. Colgate offers an excellent new mouthwash, Colgate Hydris Dry Mouth Mouthwash, that also increases your mouth’s hydration, so it’s a great help to typical bad breath problems.

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