Do electric toothbrushes make teeth whiter?

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Whiter, certainly not. But, cleaner, yes, it is very possible.

Actually, the electric toothbrush won’t leave your teeth whiter. This would only happen if your teeth were darkened by external stains. They are dark accumulations on the teeth surface produced by dark-colored drinks and foods, for example, coffee, red wine, tea (if you drink tea with milk it sticks to the stains and makes it harder for them to notice the teeth). If you are looking to remove these stains a good remedy is to use an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth and reinforce them with a whitening toothpaste (even if you don’t always use it, because it can be too abrasive during daily brushing). This will make your teeth shine again.

But, unless the stain is light or weak, then your teeth won’t necessarily be “whiter. Remember that the natural color of your teeth is yellowish white. Some people simply have them lighter than others.

Then, the real color of your teeth doesn’t change, brushing with an electric toothbrush only gets your teeth cleaned. The color of the teeth is the result of combining their amount of dentin, which is yellow, with the amount of enamel, whitish and a little transparent. The light is reflected on these substances and that gives the appearance of color. On the other hand, deep stains are product of accumulation over time. The effect is that the enamel gets thinner and then through it the yellow dentin is seen.

And How To Whiten My Teeth?

The way to alter the color of your teeth is to use a whitener. Thus both the dentine and enamel become whiter and intrinsic stains are removed. Our recommendation is that if you did not do this procedure before then seek professional help. Anyway nowadays the market offers you many alternatives to do this maintenance in your own home.

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