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Got bad breath? Here’s how to change your breath from bad to good. This problem is easy to fix. What helps?

Bad breath is a topic that is usually not spoken about. Even bad breath can break up a relationship. Bad breath (also known as halitosis) may be very embarrassing and not easy for those around you to handle. Fortunately, there are very simple solutions to fix this common problem.

Now there are loads of causes of bad breath, but it’s a common symptom of poor oral hygiene. The biggest factor is bacteria in the mouth, specifically anaerobic bacteria, which produce sulfurs. This bacteria is present on your teeth, around your gums and also on your tongue. So it’s really important when you clean your teeth, you brush thoroughly, you floss daily in between the teeth and also it’s recommended to scrape the tongue. The tongue is one of the biggest causes of bad breath.

More causes of halitosis

Another cause of bad breath, maybe dry mouth. Now, this may because you’re dehydrated, not drinking enough water. It could also be related to medical conditions or medication diet. It could also be a cause of your bad breath. So some food, we all know, cause bad breath, such as garlic. There are also things like dairy, which can cause bad breath. Coffee and alcohol can dehydrate your mouth, which can cause bad breath.

And certain fat diets as well. Like very low carbohydrate diets, high protein diets, and fasting. This is because the body, instead of using glucose as an energy source will start using fats. And the breakdown of fats produces ketones. And as ketones are produced in your body, you get a characteristic ketone breath, it’s quite like a sweet unusual smell. This can also occur in poorly controlled diabetics as well in really high protein diets. The breakdown of protein producers ammonia, which can cause bad breath.

Another big cause of halitosis is gum disease. In people with gum disease can often smelling on them before I’ve seen them. In really severe cases, you can sometimes smell it before they walked in the room. And the smell lingers after they left the room. So the reason why it smells so bad is that they’ve got gum pockets. Periodontal pockets, which collects bacteria, and I were with bacteria that produce this sulfurs.

Medical conditions also can cause bad breath

Some medical conditions can cause bad breath, such as poor control diabetes, gastric reflux in any condition, which causes a dry mouth such as children syndrome.

Another cause can be blocked nasal sinuses or sinus infections. This can produce secretions, which smell: tonsils stones or tonsillitis. This is when bacteria get trapped in your tonsils and it can harden like calculus, and make it stuck there so that can smell as well.

Last, but not least, we all know that smoking leads your mouth smelling like an ashtray. So if you want a fresh breath just stop smoking.

Bad breath prevention

First thing I would recommend is to ensure you have healthy, balanced meals spread throughout the day. You’re drinking enough water, you’re being well hydrated. Just water throughout the day. You can also use sugar-free chewing gum, to help from its saliva production, which helps neutralize the acid in the mouth.

You need to make sure you’re brushing your teeth thoroughly. Twice a day. I would recommend using an electric toothbrush getting under the gum line. Need to be flossing in between the teeth, removed the plaque. If plaque isn’t removed in between the teeth, it is just going to stay there, and it will smell. If you haven’t flossed for a few days, just pops and floss in there scraped off, it doesn’t smell nice at all.

You need to make sure that every single day to use a gentle, alcohol-free, refreshing mouthwash to freshen the breath. I would avoid mouthwashes with alcohol in it because I can dehydrate you more. And, I would avoid anything has really strong and bacterial because it can change bacteria flora in your mouth. We do have some good bacteria in the mouth. We don’t get rid of it at all. And As I said before, don’t forget a scrape your tongue. That’s one of the biggest causes of bad breath. People often missing their tongue.

You could also use a decongestant, if you’ve got blocked sinuses, or use a saline wash. There are a lot of different products on the market designed for bad breath, such as mouthwashes or specific toothpaste, that kind of thing. But they always with the same underlying concept: to remove the plaque bacteria, which is causing the bad smell. So, really, what you need to do is making sure your brushing thoroughly twice a day. You flossing or you are using interdental brushes every single day. And you’re scraping your tongue.

Final advice

That’s what all these products can do. Now some of the mouthwashes do neutralize the odors, that kind of thing. But there is really no point in just masking the symptoms unless you treat the underlying cause. So there’s no point using the mouthwash is if you’re not going to be brushing thoroughly, and flossing, and scraping your tongue. Just make sure you do that, please.

Really, really important. The most important thing is to first we’ll go to the dentist, so they can check your mouth. They will make sure everything is healthy and they give you specific advice. If you are missing certain areas, they could tell you where you need to concentrate on more. If you have a dry mouth, they can prescribe products or they can fit after investigations and diagnose the underlying conditions you have. It is truly important first of all to get that diagnosed and get the correct treatment for it. There’s no point staying all the money on mouthwashes and product for bad breath if the underlying cause is not treated. anyway, that’s all from me today.

I hope these remedies and information have been helpful for your dental health. You can start your own therapy now. Begin by reading our in-depth reviews. A water flosser and an electric toothbrush may really upgrade your oral hygiene.

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