Wellness Health HP-STX Sonic: The Best Budget Electric Toothbrush

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Toothbrushes using sonic technology brake off plaque at much faster and more efficient rates than ones which do not. There is a price to pay for this luxury however, as most of them can cost quite a bit. I really like this Health HP-STX Ultra High Powered Sonic Electric toothbrush – it seems just as good as high-end sonic brushes yet it’s a quite affordable electric toothbrush. The functionality and build quality is all present due to its multiple brushing modes and ergonomic grip. This product comes with a bunch of replacement heads as well, which is always nice to see.

This toothbrush comes with 3 pre-programmed modes which are: standard cleaning, soft brushing, and massage mode. I love the standard cleaning mode as it is good for every time of the day and gives a spotless clean. When I go to brush my teeth, I want functionality which will always fit my circumstances. Even though I don’t frequently use other modes, I can understand why people might use them. The soft brush is a great option for people who have sensitive gums while the massage mode soothes and relaxes the gums.

The functionality of this brush is pretty standard. Every 30 seconds, it gives you feedback indicating that you have completed the current quadrant of teeth. After the two minute mark, it will automatically shut off. This was somewhat hard to get used to after coming from a manual toothbrush environment, as it is akin to somebody coming to your home and taking your toothbrush away after 2 minutes. It is very easy to get used to however, and it makes sense because the sonic technology doesn’t require anything over 2 minutes to provide a great clean. I am now very happy because instead of spending 4 minutes like I did with my manual toothbrush, I only spend 2 minutes, and yet still get a superior clean.

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The first time I used the Health HP-STX Ultra High Powered Sonic Electric Toothbrush, I was extremely impressed as my gums felt very relaxed and clean. I had a slight tingling sensation and it was something I had never gotten out of a toothbrush in my life. I assume that if you were to use the massage mode, this effect would be enhanced. Even my dentist saw the improvement this device was making on my teeth. She said that my teeth had gotten whiter and my gums healthier – I almost couldn’t believe it!

The additional items which come in this kit are quite useful for the prolonged enjoyment of the toothbrush. Inside the package are a whole bunch of brush heads which gives it an edge against the competition, because you won’t have to go out and purchase more every time one gets old. The charging station works off induction charging, which I find to be quite fascinating. I still look at the docking station as if it was some kind of voodoo mysticism – that’s all it is to me. All in all, this Health HP-STX Ultra High Powered Sonic Electric Toothbrush is simply fantastic. It’s a great choice for a medium-level electric toothbrush with a lot going for it.

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